Community Connection: Introducing Eco-Maniacs

Alethea Brewer, creator of Eco-Maniacs and Executive Coordinator at St. Anthony’s Foundation, shares her creative way of living Laudato Si’ and being an encouragement to others. Check out a recent Eco-Maniacs article below! 

What is Eco-Maniacs?

Eco-Maniacs shares a fun, light-hearted, hopeful way that we can live Laudato Si’. Each edition features an invitation to learn something new and to take a small step connected to what we already do daily. Small changes are possible and can create a big impact for our world. It started as a series within our staff newsletter at St. Anthony’s Foundation, but anyone can be an Eco-Maniac! 

What was your inspiration for starting Eco-Maniacs?

In addition to a personal interest in the environment, I was inspired by one of the characteristics of a Franciscan ministry, “We honor the connectedness of all of creation.” At St. Anthony’s Foundation we’re trying to look at the bigger picture and find ways to reduce waste, repurpose items and recycle appropriately. We do great work for the community we serve and we can do good for the environment too. As an organization, and as individuals, we can always do more to care for our common home. I share ideas that are on my mind, things that I’ve started doing that I think other people can relate to. I hope people will read it, be encouraged, and start doing something new. 

Alethea Brewer shows off compostable coffee pods for the first edition of Eco-Maniacs.

Do you have any favorite editions?

Around the holidays I created one called “Don’t get so wrapped up!” about recycling wrapping paper and knowing which kinds aren’t recyclable. There’s also a fun “Hair Despair” edition featuring Cousin Itt that shares the benefits of adding hair to organic fertilizer for plants. The editions with photos and cute images always get the most response and that one really caught people’s attention.  

What is your hope for Eco-Maniacs?

My hope is that people will read Eco-Maniacs, get a smile and put into practice what they’ve learned. I follow the approach from the African-American proverb “each one, teach one.” In a fun way, we can realize we’re all connected and that we each play a part in caring for creation. Let’s all do it together!

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